Tiger Woods and eye surgery

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Golf idol Tiger Woods underwent LASIK surgery in 1997. And then continued to win 6 consecutive PGA competitions! The man himself explained the success by saying that the golf hole seemed larger after surgery. With significant short-sightedness it is quite common that after either laser surgery or lens replacement the patients perceive the world as larger. This is especially strongly perceived by those who have not worn contact lenses and used only glasses. The minus glasses make images on both sides of the glass smaller the farther they are located from the eyes. Plus glasses, on the contrary, increase. Therefore, the eyes of a minus glass wearer look smaller and the eyes of a plus glass wearer look larger than they actually are. In guessing the minus or plus of glasses it can also be helpful to compare skin brightness. Minus glass diverts light rays and therefore the colour of the skin behind the glass is darker than elsewhere. With plus, again, it is the opposite. As Tiger Woods' eye surgery was 13 years ago, his current deeds (having deceived his wife with 121 women!) cannot be blamed on eye laser surgery. On the other hand, getting rid of glasses gives a similar boost to the patient's self-confidence as other beauty surgeries and this would certainly not affect sexual activity negatively.